Two weeks into the new year and I realize how hard it’s going to be to journal or blog daily, especially in the following months. My schedule gets crazy busy with school, working two jobs, and dance. So my life is going to be pretty routine up until about May. I don’t really know what this post is about so I’m just going to post random thoughts.

-The point of my daily (or at least weekly) blogging is to have a place to display my thoughts. I am the type of person who thinks and rationalizes better if I say it out loud or have it written out.

-I start classes this week, and it is my final semester at a community college. I’m so beyond excited to finally be moving forward in my educational career. I have a couple four year universities that I will be applying too, but I don’t where I will be going yet. Two of my classes, Cultural Anthropology and American Literature should not be challenging for me at all, but I’m nervous for my College Algebra course. I have always struggled with math, so I am not looking forward to that class, but I need to receive a good grade in it for my GPA. Overall just trying to be optimistic about this semester, and I hope it goes well.

-With it being my last “semester” here this year, I realized that this is my final season doing all-star competitive dance at a gym that I’ve been training at since I was ten years old. The gym and coaches are amazing and I’m happy that I can continue to represent the gym as a coach AND an athlete. I really hope that where ever I transfer, I’ll have the opportunity to either dance or cheer.

That’s about it, hopefully I’ll post a cool blog post soon.

Peace, Sandy.


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