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Milwaukee Museum

On the 2nd of January, a close friend and myself traveled to Milwaukee and checked out the Milwaukee Public Museum. I’ve been here many times as a kid but never really had the chance to take it in a read more in depth about the artifacts and such.

Here’s some pictures of the entrance to the museum and the dome theater/planetarium. We got to see a show in the dome theater and it was amazing. The show was called Wisconsin Stargazing which went through the stars and planets visible to the human eye at certain points of the night. It also showed constellations including zodiac signs which was fascinating to me.

We then spent A LOT of time exploring the third and second floors of the museum which had diverse exhibits about many different cultures. The exhibits went in depth about the history of cultures from specific geographical locations including Asia, Arctic, Oceans, Pre Colombian North America, Pacific Islands, Africa, South and Middle America, and a little bit of Europe.

These pictures were taken from the “Third Planet” exhibit. I’m not a huge fan of dinosaurs. In fact I’m actually terrified of them (thanks Jurassic Park), but it’s still cool to see what walked the Earth millions of years ago.

Also located in the “Third Planet” exhibit was geology related things. I’m not a huge fan of earth science, but I think the way this exhibit is structured makes it very interesting. I mean who doesn’t like to look at big, sparkly rocks.

One of my FAVORITE exhibits is the Streets of Old Milwaukee and the European Village. Walking through 19th century Milwaukee gave me the opportunity to compare similar architectural ideologies adopted from early European settlers.

We decided to save the best for last! Before entering the butterfly dome, we took the chance to learn about different insects, butterflies, and their habitats. Once we entered the dome we had over a thousands different species of butterflies flying around us. It took a while to get one to land on me, but I had a very friendly moth who landed and stayed with my nearly the whole time. Right before leaving I was walking around a large plant and noticed a Monarch butterfly hiding in the shadows of the plant leaves. Monarchs are my absolute favorite for many reasons, and I’m so happy this little guy decided to be friendly.

Overall I had a great time at the museum. I was actually planning on traveling to Chicago to go to the Field Museum but decided on MPM for convenience and price. If you haven’t been, I suggest you visit. I have a lot more photos, so if anyone is interested in seeing them, contact me!







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